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Leiber and Stoller


With Jerry Leiber passing away this week, I thought I'd make a mix of some of my favorite songs that he wrote with Mike Stoller. I'm quite sure they are some of your favorites as well.

14 tracks
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Sweet mix! When I was a kid my neighbor was a retired 60's dj (and a wild biker dude). As some point he threw out all of his 45s. I grabbed as many as I could carry and brought them home. Some of these songs were in that bounty. I listened to them over and over and over on my sister's record player. Great songs. Great memories.

Terrific job Mary. I was going to do my own Lieber/Stoller mix but I see now there is no need - you nailed it. Bonus cut was the version of "Love Me" by The Little Willies that I'd never heard. Thanks.