Is this playlist safe for work?

The Safe For Work Shuffle Vol. 1


Just started a new job and boy does it need a speaker overhaul. This is the first of some mixes I'm going to make to listen to while I'm there. No rhyme or reason to it.
SIDENOTE: Safe for MY work, not sure how strict your employers are :) Wouldn't want to get you in trouble, now would I?

41 tracks
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Ah, yes! So long because I have 8 hours at work to listen, the same songs over and over again gets to be too much sometimes! "Katie's Singalong" is kind of the 2nd volume of this one :)

Solid, solid mix.....despite it´s lenght.
I had been here before, a long, long time ago, and at that time also diged Wait! and for Jack..

unfortunately - the only SAFE thing I can listen to in my office is with a pair of headphones.. :/
tough luck..

Thanks for the notes! I listened to it, and I think it's okay... it is kind of a long song, but it makes me want to dance around, so I left it on :)

Seems to work for me, maybe she fixed it now (n_n)

btw that nina simone track seems very work-worthy. Just makes you want to be productive!
Couldnt get thru the whole mix, but I'm sure theres more than enough to keep you occupied at work - whatever takes your mind off the daily grind.