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sleeping is giving in


or; Am I self-indulgent enough to make playlists for my own OCs? Hell yeah I am.

Ian Thomas Beale, twenty-five, professional storyboard artist and writer, amateur codebreaker (and codemaker). Don't ask what his deal is with triangles.


11 tracks
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It has, all of these are good, but i feel their could be one or two more,not quite sure what,I could feel the songs influence on your writing though, (Sometimes i can almost pick out songs when reading, maybe to do with the pattern of the words.)

this playlist is fuckin wonderful. reincarnation blues is the only transcendence fic i like and i *love it.* i'm way too attached to ian it's una problemo. tracks 3 and 5 are inspired. and it ends with like allllmost "we'll meet again" but not quite and brings in all of the reincarnation and love themes as well. [edited for spelling]