Is this playlist safe for work?

stop wishing, start doing.

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Oh, I completely understand. I just listened to my playlist, and I realized what that was. I apologize for any inconveniences!

@maryragasajo Don't worry about it. I was just surprised. I skipped it, but I figured it wasn't meant to be in it. Great job with the mix!

This was wonderful, but I'm being honest, "The Married Life" song by Rik Roberts completely threw off the study mood. This is an amazing study mix, but I suggest removing it, because it's distracting (just the fact the rest are instrumental and that has words and a really distracting music as well). I assume were going for "Married Life" from Up but for some reason it played something COMPLETELY different. Don't know if this was a problem through uploading or whether it was some weird internet or 8tracks bug or mixup