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Part II- To "I've got that Tune" Yet another mix/playlist for those that love swing music with a electric, modern twist.
Featuring : Kormac, Swing Republic, Parov Stelar, and many more

  • Jubilee by Kormac
  • I'm Crazy 'Bout My Baby by G-Swing feat. The Cotton Kids
  • Minor Swing by Belleruche
  • Palov and Mishkin by Et de Clarinet
  • Fel Del Aviv Garden by Movits!
  • Oh Yeah (Remix) by Parov Stelar
  • Hold the Night by Lyre le temps
  • The Dirty Side of the Street by Caravan Palace
  • get up carmen remix moslowable by Waldeck
  • Electro swing get down by one skinny dj
10 tracks
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