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I want to know how you taste


If a mix can have spoilers then I guess this does. Maybe don't listen to it if you haven't read the manga or watched to like ep 4? 5? of the anime I guess. Also jokey as hell with no flow, so fair warning

  • Fahrenheit 飞轮海 by Mr. Perfect
  • Talk Dirty To Me (Jason Derulo) by Sam Tsui
  • How Lovely Cooks the Meat by Frankie Lane & Doris Day
  • Cannibal (Ke$ha cover) by Polly_Esther
  • Just Desserts by Marina and the Diamonds & Charli XCX
  • Wrecking Ball (Caked Up Remix) by Lsd1997
  • Evil Food Eater Conchita (English cover) by miku-tan (mothy)
  • Stephen (ke$ha) Josh Gilreath Cover by Julianna Jennifer
8 tracks
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