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The only piano playlist you'll ever need...


Twenty mind-blowing piano pieces, covering all sorts of types and moods. Great for studying, pondering, spacing out, working; you name it. There's even surprise Iron Maiden and Skrillex covers in there that are truly incredible.

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18 tracks
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I love this playlist. It is wonderful. Utter amazingness. The stuff dreams are made of...

However, every time I listen to it (and that is often!) I always feel a pang of loss when Beethovens sonata #28 is brutally cut short, the ending being savaged from the body, the piece decodiatet.

Is there any way you could fix this one problem, and give me (and all of us other listeners!) the perfection we so seek and the nirvana we are so close to achieving?

Pardon for my late response, I didn't see this comment until today.. I imported the tracks from the original CD onto my iTunes, these were the iTunes files, I'm not really sure what happened at the end there, it also upsets me to hear. :/ If I find this recording anywhere else I'll try to get another one.

Thank you! :)
I thought about adding more tracks, as I discovered more and more piano that's pretty good, but I figured that these are essentials and to dilute them with other riffraff would not be enjoyable for the listener.
I'm glad you're enjoying it! ^_^

Also, I used to be a complete metal fan, until my world was changed by classical music. I like to think I know what people will like, even if they don't know they'll like it. :D