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This shit is Raunchy.


Dubstep. "Its just noise; It all sounds the same."
Well does it really? I beg to differ.So many sounds, beats, harmonies, and vocals flowing together beautifully to create a amazing dubstep track. Although some might sound similar, what genre doesnt? Its just noise? Dubstep has so many styles. It has emotion, and passion behind it, and if you listen carefully you will hear it. Still dont like it? Well get the fuck off my mix. :)
Includes: FIGURE, Tickle Monsta, Doctor , ect.

12 tracks
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CHEERS TO YOUR SEXY DIRTY RAUNCHY DUBSTEP PLAYLIST!!! no one these days seems to understand my definition of dirty dubstep... thanks for this

Heyy thanks!
Yeah FIGURE is one of my favorites.
I checked out your mix and I have to say that I do like it alot. :) keep making mixes so I can listen.