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Empty Chest Dressed of Ephemeral Happiness

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It wasn't actualy a killing action, i wanted to drown, to get envelopped by water and melt, i'm seriously missing water, and i am in a bad atmosphere in my life, a real riot. I just wanted to be part of the water, i have this strange feeling that i should become water since i was little, and everything i do is moved by that, but i am sure that if i had jumped i would die right away, i was completely mad that day.

Sometimes life can be cruel. Yesterday i saw a guy t the streets, his kindess made me melt, i was actually sad and i wanted to climb a bridge and jdrown myself, so he came to me and he asked: "Do you want to see my drawings?" and i answered: "
"Yes. I would love to do such a thing."(I have this hatefull habit of being such a victorian gentleman even when i am about to go mad) So i saw his drawings and i felt so good for maybe twenty seconds, and so i began to talk to him, and in a certain point he asked me why i would jump in the water in a cold Monday night. I said i didn't knew and i started to cry, he hugged me and he said i couldn't do it because i was too good to die. He said i was the only person that saw his work. We talked for about 30 minutes, so he went away, and i fell down in my guilt, and i came back home. I felt absolutely happy for 20 seconds, if you're listening to this: thank you!