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To Seek Where Shadows Are...

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1 year on 8tracks, lot of things changed for me, and i found my real musical intrest: to hear every kind of music that can explain things i can't, so i am pleased to have you to follow me and understand my mixes, thank you all, special greetings to:
Nightporter1969 (for listening and love)
ghoulnextdoor (for her lovely and haunting mixes)
ColetteSaintYves (for vintage evoccative, creativity and fine arts)
Partizany (for agressive delights)
misterguignol (for listening and love)
Pelvini (for breathtaking mixes and some tears)
Idril (for recent but huge support)
Someghostsarewomen (for making mixes after some desperate insistences)
Mizenscen (for delights here and in art)
Ponyboy52 (for listening and huge support)
theflowersofromance☥ (for being such a lovely ghoul)

This place is part of my artistic production, it's great to have a small but great support.