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Let's Get Stupid

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i was hoping it was going to be simpler than that but that will have to do! i cant tell the names of all the songs until i listen to them all which is a struggld

transferring iTunes is much much more complex, there is authorization involved and all that nonsense. but here I will list all of the songs, I'll admit some better than others, but oh well!
1swimming pools- kendrick lamar
2 love me- lil wayne
3 bugatti - ace hood
4 all gold everything trinidad james
5pop that- french montana
6 scream and shout remix- p. diddy
7 fuckin problems- A$AP rocky
8 marvin and chardonnnay- big sean
9 the next episode- Dr. Dre
10Hate bein sober- chief keef
11my homies still- lil wayne
12get low- lil wayne
13 no lie- 2chains
14where the hood at- DMX
15 birthday song- 2chainz
16 love sosa- chief keef
17 still dre- dr. dre
18 clique- kanye west
19 gotta have it- kanye west
20 ray bands- B.o.B.
21 Make it rain- Fat Joe ft. lil wayne
22 lean wit it rock wit it- dem franchize boys
23wasted- guccie mane
24 x gone give it to ya- DMX
25 2step- UNK

I hope this helps!

I mean I pulled them all off of my iTunes account, but i know a program you can use that will rip them off of youtube and if you set up the preferences right will put them into your itunes library..... is that helpful enough?