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the wounds we keep


"I will protect you with my life." || Ringabel x Edea || Bravely Second

I have been playing Bravely Second for the past week or so, and I am obsessed. I loved Ringabel and Edea's relationship in the first game, and although they don't really touch on Edea's feelings much in the beginning of Bravely Second (the part I have played through so far), the fact that Edea's clothes are a canonly a female version of Ringabel's Bravely Default clothes and how she kept his diary makes me die inside with the OTP feels.

This fanmix is basically Edea's and Rinabel's feelings in the beginning half of Bravely Second.

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hi, i was the anon who sent you a few messages the other day and aaaa this is so good ;w; can't wait to see how you react to the rest of bravely second on tumblr!!