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Bass N Yo Face

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Haha naw man, I was being sarcastic but obviously tone is nonexistent through online chatting. I appreciate you listening, every listen is a win in my book. I'm putting out more playlists, not just 6-10 tracks but 6-10 playlists since I have 1,000 more sings I'm currently going through. Just gotta figure out the best way to organize the lists on here. Gotta edit some of my existing playlists as well

haha first off if thats a bitch to you i feel bad for you but i dont. i just know thats a little sexist not that i dont think there beautifull because they are, and ill listen to one or two of youre new tracks just because of this one

@beastboy68 Just listen to the music and stop being such a little bitch, lol seriously? Sex sells, even on free playlists and I like to look at beautiful girls while I listen to music. I'm about to put out about 6-10 more playlists in the next couple weeks so stay tuned. Never heard a boy complain about beautiful congrats on being the first

@joeytawadrous I will get on this in the next couple weeks, I'm trying to develop a trap mix as well since this mix was a ton of "Rage" dubstep music.

@joeytawadrous Hey man, just letting you know I'm about to make a handful more playlists. I will add a couple extra playlists just for you buddy. Stay tuned please as I'm sorting through lots of music and will put out some more variety this time.