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Forever and Always (Sterek)


Derek & Stiles fall in love but eventually break up because Derek is jealous of Scott so Derek leaves town and scott professes his love for Stiles (last song). better description in the comments since it's too long to post here.

25 tracks
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1.Wolf & I - Stiles dreams of derek
2.Emotions - Stiles has a crush
3.Crazy For You - stiles realizes he likes derek
4.Dark Paradise - Stiles dreams of Derek agian
5.Terrified - Derek realizes he likes Stiles
6.Be Be Your Love - Derek thinks about being w/ Stiles
7.Let Me Love You - Stiles tells derek he likes him
8.I Want To Hold Your Hand - Derek tells Stiles how he feels
9.Teenage Love Affair - Sex
10.I Would Do Anything For You - 1st I Love You (Both)
11.XO - Both In Love
12.Free The Animal - First Fight (Stiles Pov)
13.Howl - First Fight (Derek Pov)
14.Love Will Tell Us Where To Go - Stiles trys to mend the relationship
15.I Need This - Derek breaks up with stiles
16.Just Give Me A Reason - Stiles doesn't want to break up
17.Heart Beat -Broken up but still in love Stiles/fem derek/Male
18.We Belong Together - Derek wants to get back together
19.Love Me Harder - Stiles agrees to get back together
20.Do Me Good - Make up Sex (stiles pov)
21.Jealous - Derek suspects Scott has feelings for stiles
22.Suitcase - Derek is leaving
23.I Know You Care - Stiles last attempt to make Derek Stay
24.Last Request - stiles last goodbye
25.Look After You - Scott is there for Stiles (Sciles Begins)