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1:35 jungkook


jungkook is a very reserved and closed person when it comes to his emotions. there are sides to his personality that we haven't seen yet, and maybe we never will. but based on some of his song recommendations, there is a soft and emotional side to jungkook that can hopefully be expressed through these gentle piano songs. a side that appears when he's walking by the han river, when he's in bed thinking with his earbuds plugged in, or when he's dozing off in an airplane. if we can't see it, we can feel it.

note: thank you guys for getting this lame mix to gold i didn't think it would get attention ahh ! i updated with more songs and some specific annotations, along with a terribly written description :)

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ahhh this is such a nice and amazing concept i just.... this playlist is really beautiful and wonderfully put together, i love the background and thought you put into it idk what im saying but im soft and i love this and i bet jungkook would love it too.

@yoongi7 im so sorry for this extremely late comment but thank u so much !!! i appreciate everything u said ahh i'm really glad

@lolsaywhat yeahhh i think he has the ability to make everyone emotional haha, but me too !! im going on the second day :)

Damn as an Army this hits me in all the feels about his precious maknae..... I would love to meet him in person someday as well... but I guess I'm already lucky enough to see them in a month for their LA concert :3

bye im on the 4th track and I'm crying im not even joking. "Her" is my favorite movie and Always with Me is my most listened to track out of all the ghibli OST and I literally just finished practicing River Flows in You this is so weird but I'm crying and I'm so happy rn thank you?

@afterings ashdjfdksh thank u this was lowkey the impact i wanted, and im so happy i made yOU happy :') and i'm sorry u cried omg let's just be emotional over the beauty of "her" and studio ghibli