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Black As Punk


For Black History Month this year, I decided to make a mix of punk bands with at least one Black member (many of these bands have multiple Black members, if not the whole band). The history of punk gets whitewashed a lot--yeah, it might be dominated by white people, and I'm not saying there's no racism in punk/any given punk scene, but Black punks have been here from the beginning. Some notes: my definition of punk is really broad, so I've got everything from hardcore to post-punk to pop punk to punk-influenced rap on here. The mix is fairly US-centric, but there are a few UK-based bands and one South African band on it. And this is by no means comprehensive, but it's a good start, and the music kicks ass. Enjoy. (Cover image is a photo of Bad Brains, by Alec MacKaye.)

16 tracks
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