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He's a wild man, so bug off.


Jim Jarmusch's films always have the best music in them, so I decided to make a playlist. It’s got two songs from each of his films starting with Permanent Vacation, and going through to Only Lovers Left Alive - the only exception being Down By Law, which there are three tracks from, because it is my favorite Jarmusch film, okay? Here’s how it goes: tracks 1-2 are from Permanent Vacation, 3-4 are from Stranger Than Paradise, 5-7 are from Down By Law, 8-9 are from Mystery Train, 10-11 are from Night On Earth, 12-13 are from Dead Man, 14-15 are from Ghost Dog, 16-17 are from Coffee and Cigarettes, 18-19 are from Broken Flowers, and 20-21 are from The Limits of Control, and 22-23 are from Only Lovers Left Alive.

23 tracks
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