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// f a l l

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WOW you have not only put all of my favorite K-pop artists on this, from IU to Lee Hi and Akdong Musician to Lim Kim (those are literally all my biases btw like damn you nailed it), but you've also introduced me to amazing new artists (I swear I will buy Ichiko Aoba's albums and damn that Park Sae Byul omg). This playlist is just top notch. Thank you sosososo much for taking the time to do this. You're amazing. kthxbai ^ . ^

i've never really listened to korean music but i like this a lot. good songs to listen in the morning :) i was doing my nails in the morning while listening to this tho

omg you make the best playlists ever!!! I'm listening to them 24/7, when I'm learning, on the bus and when I go to bed :) I wasn't really a fan of Korean music but I'm enjoying this a lot! :) thank you for introducing me to this great music! xo