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"the teenage gaze"


i like the messed up girls
cause we knew we were free
and now we're hanging on by a heartbeat
so dark and foul i can't disguise
but i can't turn away, and it's driving me wild
and she says "happiness ain't free; everybody fights just like me, but i've given up the ability to retreat"
closing in closer to you, this could take all night
you're crystal clear, facing the light
you got me beggin' for thread, to sew this hole up that you ripped in my head
give me the lights now, let me breathe
can we forget about it? can we forget?
while im wide-eyed and im so damn caught in the middle
so, i decide that, i dont wanna be your girl no more
and i, i'll keep running if you come my way
and i can almost feel your breath
does it make you freak out?
cover photo: petra collins // teenage gaze

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