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Every song Harry has tweeted about *updated*

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These are all of the songs Harry Has ever tweeted about :)

  • Hannah (Ray LaMontagne) by burgonjames
  • YouTube by Bruno Mars
  • Fire and Rain by James Taylor
  • Kings Of Leon (live) by "Back Down South"
  • Best Song Ever by One Direction
  • The 1975 Chocolate by
  • Comes A Time 5-9-1977 by Grateful Dead
  • God Only Knows (The Beach Boys cover) by CharlieVTW
  • Just Keep Walking (Live) by INXS
  • Jumpin' Jack Flash (The Rolling Stones Cover) by Waste Pipes
  • A Milli (100 Bars) by Kaycee
  • The City by The 1975
  • Rest, Shame, Love by Daniel Cunningham Music
  • Kinks Cover by Shangri-La
  • How Do You Like Your Eggs In The Morning cover by Dean Martin
15 tracks
5 comments on Every song Harry has tweeted about *updated*

Tbh I love other mixes but this one is by far the most greatest mix ever. Thank god for Harry's music taste and your creation of this mix inspired by god aka Harry. :) ITS JUST SO GOOD !!