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Cue your catchy morning montage!


You, the protagonist, wake up to a buzzing alarm, rub your eyes, stretch arms in a dramatic fashion. Skulk to bathroom. Gargle shower water. Tear open the blinds, inhale the sunlight! Make bed. Comb that hair. Fasten necktie in a single try. Catch hot toast mid-air. Wink at your reflection. You get the picture: getting through the day would be so much easier if every morning played out like the opening credit sequence of my cheesy movie.

Carpe diem-isms by Mika, Beck and Miike Snow.

16 tracks
7 comments on Cue your catchy morning montage!

My husband and I just finished a spur of the moment ab routine that turned into dancing and jazzercise when our 4 year old joined in because of the music. Epic!

Yup, great minds think alike. Or is it delusional minds? Delusionally great minds? Is 'delusionally' not a word? WHO AM I?