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100 Instrumentals for Floating


One hundred tracks with an indescribable floaty feeling. I tried to keep my choices very relaxed and with droney elements, but still very warm.

Let me know what you think.


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100 tracks
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I listen to all 8 of your fantastic play lists. I usually out them on the Bluetooth at my store and customers always complement them music mix. I especially like this one, nice and mellow. I haven't quite been able to find other mixes as excellent as yours. Thank you!

@Akiira Ha, not as far as I know. Glad to hear that this one connected with you though. Thanks for your support and giving me an awesome comment to wake up to.

If you made a sleep playlist would it differ much from this one? I would love to hear something like that from you.

@emaustin Thanks for your comment. This one actually started off as a sleep playlist and had a lot more droney feeling tracks on there. The problem being that I cannot imagine falling asleep to music and I wasn't convinced it was gonna work for people. I do however enjoy a good float and this left me a lot more room to be creative.