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100 Instrumentals for Sunshine


100 hand picked tracks filled with positive vibes, relaxing beats and plenty of vitimin D. Just like my '100 Instrumentals for Relaxing' playlist (, I have tried to keep my choices chilled, but warm and rich enough to give your full attention to (should you wish).

Let me know what you think.


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100 tracks
4 comments on 100 Instrumentals for Sunshine

This really is a phenomenal collection. 100 tracks that wonderfully mix warm downtempo with driving instrumental hip-hop. They flow well and the sheer diversity (do you ever repeat an artist? I haven't seen one repeat yet) is just astounding. I love finding others who dig deep into this genre to find the unappreciated gems. Thank you for making this, and please let me know what you think of my fledgling collections sometime.

Haven't finished it yet, but this is a truly incredible mix. I absolutely love it, and think it was perfectly timed. Sometimes even people who enjoy winter like a little extra sun in their lives.