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100 Instrumentals for Thinking


One hundred hand-picked tracks to help you get your head straight. I have aimed to make this playlist relaxing and relatively sombre, should be great for late night listening too.

If you find these tracks too distracting I would recommend checking out my '100 Instrumentals for Study' playlist (

As always, your feedback is welcome.


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100 tracks
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AMAZING SOUNDTRACKS ! Can't wait to listen to more of your playlists ! Gets me going with all the school stuffs, planning and business related things !

the sounds and beats are nice and nicely put together but it turns to be just a little distraction for me when im studying. BUT I will check out your playlist for studying instead for this reason!! ^^ still a great playlist though. just some of the singing and words distracted me, that's all. :)))))

@Hartie<3 Glad you enjoyed it anyway. Sounds like my study playlist is the one for you. Hope you get along with it and be sure to let me know what you think.

100 for study and relaxing were my last semesters saving grace, especially during long nights at the library. This mix so far is right on the money. I thank you in advance for helping me get through this final semester.

@swardable Thanks. It really means a lot to me. My favourite comments are always the ones saying my playlist have actively helped people.

I've been struggling with a problem at work for the last two days... I was finally able to focus and solve it while listening to your playlist. Awesome. Thanks !