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100 Instrumentals with Strings & Keys


Another 100 track playlist, this time with plenty of plinky-plonky bits and also... whatever noise stringed instruments make. I have aimed to keep my selections classy, but this is an instrumental hip-hop playlist, so your heads should still be bobbing.


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100 tracks
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i miss your 100 beats series, but i somehow overlooked this one when it was posted, so now i've got my fix for a little while longer.. but i hope your series makes a comeback soon :)

@redbatrecords There will be more. I just need a little time to scrape the dedication, inspiration and music required for another playlist. Hopefully soon. Good to hear from you.

woah there sonny! how much do i owe you? that's at least a twofer buddy, and you know pappy's broke. that there is talent you got boy! bank breaking, groove grabbin', shimmy shockin' talent!

@GrandpaBill cI'm glad you are enjoying it gramps. Thanks for getting in touch, it is always a pleasure to hear from you. How are you and Marjory keeping?

I was going to wait until the end to comment on this loveliness, but I'm in the mid-60's and keep rushing to the phone to check who each artist is! Thanks for uploading all of this :) The jazz and classical elements are very special