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Bronze 56K "Trust" Soundtrack

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@Maximillian If you don't deem it sound. I question your logic and request a t-shirt on the grounds of your poor basis of propositional logic! The Lost cat will be MINE!!

@Btrxz lol. Word, well I'm not sure you understand the concept of Pay With Logic. The goal of it would be to convince me you deserve a shirt or for some good reason I should give you one. What you're doing here is kind of the opposite... so we shall see.

@Maximillian I believe when you want something from someone ( especially for free). It is best to start the relationship off well. Making them laugh (you did type LOL) is a very good way to create a good foundation to "said relationship". So again my logic is impeccable :) Wear is my shirt- buck-O (hear is wear I get into trouble)?!? And more importantly wear is Lost Cat? Does the cat care wear it si? And if not is the cat lost? And if the cat does care how do we know since it is lost and we can't aks the cat? Even my miss spelling has a logic as well- since I'd love to where the T-shirt :). Hot shit! Lookout Aristotle & Kant Btrxz in moving into the cannon of great logicians- whereing a phenomilogical T-shirt in remeincece of the "Andre the giant has posse" days!!!!