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you are the weapon; part i


no i will not "describe my mix" because this is the worst ship to ever happen to me and i don't want to talk about it, thank you very much 8tracks

(briefly: two gods teetering on the edge of kingdom come, already having lost nearly everybody they love to war & the cold)
(briefly: jon is not icarus; jon is the sun)

the companion to this, part ii, is all dance music to make myself feel better

15 tracks
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part ii is seriously all hot chip & ellie goulding remixes. it's so embarrassing & cheesy & girly. you don't want that. (i'll upload it soon)

You are welcome!
Part II is hot? I WILL LOVE IT. It sound like really hot and naughty. RAWWW :D
I must comment this super epic fanmix!
And btw thank you for answered =^^=