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postmarked Portland

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do you know what it's like when it's sunny in the International Rose Test Garden?

put up with a little weirdness and smile.

  • Northwestern Girls by Say Hi
    it must be in the air here! (but really)
  • Song in 3/4 by Loch Lomond
    I have listened to this on repeat for days... in my mind it accompanies The House of the Spirits by Isabel Allende.
  • The Future Will Destroy You by Viva Voce
    This band is now called Radiation City. I don't know why. They're from here. We don't have a lot of radiation unless Hanford's having problems I don't know about.
  • Happy Ending/Over My Shoulder by Mika
    More useless covers of this song have been recorded than any other... Suspensions and apoggiaturas can't be done by one singer, you dumbasses!
  • pink martini by Pink Martini
  • My Moon My Man (Grizzly Bear remix) by Feist
  • Gnossienne 3 by StuMacWilson
    Decent interpretation.
  • Seattle by The Hot Toddies
    ... :)
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