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AP Euro Study Session: Medieval - 1750

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The High Middle Ages to the Absolute Monarchs. Because when studying for AP Euro you need something to lighten the mood

  • Brave Sir Robin (Swilk G Remix) by SwilkG
  • Joan by Heather Dale
    Normally these playlists are purely comedy songs, but this song is so epic it makes me want to jump on a horse and throw pieces of my armor at Englishmen
  • i am the antipope by Zladko "ZLAD!" Vladcik
    "I am the antipope, like a lion kills an antelope, like a hammer hits a cantaloupe." #Avignon
  • Venus (Bufi Edit) // free dl by Bananarama
  • The Christmas Song by Nat King Cole
    Oh the Alexander VI jokes.
  • 06 I'm Henry the 8th (I am) by HERMAN'S HERMITS
  • Hop Birthday Anthem by The Q Brothers for Talk Like Shakespeare Day by Hip
  • Charles II - King Of Bling by Horrible Histories
  • This Is My Horse by Professor Elemental
  • Killer Queen by Queen
  • Proud of Scotland by PRUSSIA
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