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it's not so bad


A playlist of happy, alternative songs to listen to on your way to school.


"Woke up this morning early before my family, from this dream where she was trying to show me, how a life can move from the darkness, she said to get better."

9 tracks
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I've been in love with this playlist for 2 years now, I listened to it on my first day of junior year and now I'm listening to it on my first day in college!

This is easily one of my favorite playlists! It makes doing literally everything better. Waking up? Better. Cooking? Better. School? Better. It makes me so happy and carefree I love it so much.

cThis is so great!!! Two exams today and I'm smiling right now. This music actually makes me feel a little less like my professors are actively trying to kill me! Thank you!!!