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Dragon Age 2: The Musical


A new play by renowned author Varric Tethras!

Apostates! Aveline! And one Very Angry Arishok!

Marvel at the tale of Hawke, the Champion of Kirkwall as told through song!
Laugh along with your favourite heroes and their adventures! Share their pain and sadness! Bare witness to the amazing events that happened in Kirkwall between 9:30 and 9:37 Dragon!

[may not be suitable for young children, contains scenes of violence and nudity (sometimes both)]
Admittance only 5 sovereigns!!

"I really enjoyed it!! I've never seen a musical before but this was lovely!!!!" -Merrill

"A Masterpiece" - The Hightown Herald

"Much better than the poster suggests" -Hubert Bartiere

"ENCHANTMENT!" -Sandal Feddic


28 tracks
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