MaydayCat Alchemist
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Happiness Keeps You Sweet


17 (male) 5’10” dark brown hair (short mess with semi long bags that sometime cover his eyes) semi pale skin, same deep brown eyes, freckles. Has on jeans, brown snow boots, Dark brown zip up hoodie with a white (guys) tank top under it.
Chocolate Milk is very kind and he is somewhat outgoing. He is shy around new people but once he gets to know someone he gets very attached. He cares deeply for people, he sometimes Hallucinates, but can usually tell the difference between reality and delusions. While He is Positive on the outside mostly he is actually kinda angry on the inside, which comes out a lot when he's Drunk or something.
Ability: can talk to Cows and Pigs
UPDATED 9/30/17

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