MaydayCat Alchemist
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Life is like A Bowl Of Ramen


"Life is like a bowl of ramen the noodles are like events they come and go broth is like friends don't slurp to fast"
16 (female) 5’3” Long blonde hair (wavy mid back length). Pale skin, Gold eyes. White short sleeved shirt and a light pink skirt with white tennies.
Ramen is hyper and upbeat. She tends to act without thinking, and is very emotional. She likes cold weather and has almost motherly instincts despite being really immature. Her energy seems a little “bipolar” and can go from bouncing off the walls or nap time in seconds. She gets very attached to people and is sometimes annoyingly clingy.
Ability: Healing
Updated 9/30/17

11 tracks
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