MaydayCat Alchemist
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Lose Everything


18 (youngest of the triplets) (Female) 5’5” Long silky White hair (lower back length). Copper eyes. Creamy pale skin. Deep purple under her eyes. Has on a black tank top and black slacks with a white bandanna around her neck.
Heroin is fairly shy. She doesn't talk to people when she can help it (because she can't handle social interaction for a long time). She is very depressed (and has alot of self hate) but tries to hide it (with little success). She is heavily addicted to pain medication (Heroin).Though sometime (usually when she is high) She is super happy and energetic.. And feels invincible
Ability: Gets people high on Heroin through physical touch (happen at random times she can't control it)

13 tracks
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