MaydayCat Alchemist
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You Say "Potatoe" I say "Potato" you say "Pintrest" I say "ADHD CRACK" Lets call the whole thing MEATLOAF hi!


15 (Female) 5’1” Long silky gray hair with a gold streak (past mid back length). Blazing red eyes.The numbers 15, 27, 18 and 82 are tattooed on her wrist. Has on A Silvery tank top and hot pink fingerless gloves. With jeans and black boots.
Concerta has EXTREME ADHD. She Claims she is always happy (though we all know that can't possibly be true. She fully embraces chaos and her freedom to be hyper. I wouldn't say she is obsessed but she has a deep interest with things that could be considered “Supernatural” (monsters magic etc). She is big into conspiracy theories.
Ability: None

12 tracks
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