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i knew you were trouble


"We're not a team."

"Of course we are! Every miner needs a canary."

a mix for the control freak school teacher and the alien psychopath who could probably take over the universe together if they could stop bickering, flirting, and trying to kill each other

13 tracks
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i honestly thought that this would only ever be a crackship but here i am, looking up missfle playlists, my entire life consumed by this ship (it will be the death of me) also thank you for your stellar missfle fics on ao3 ily

@intothefuture3000 ahh thanks so much! honestly I'm exactly the same, this ship wasn't meant to be this serious but it just takes you over completely (I'm currently working on a second Misffle mix and of course thinking about the second part of Of Seduction and Kidnapping, so there's more Misffle coming your way from me!)