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... what a maiden fair


Ellisabeth Silverhair; Dragonborn; Master Wizard; Thane of Whiterun and Falkreath; Saviour of Windhelm; Daughter of the Wretched; Killer of Glenmoril Witches;

Broken by one she loved.
Mended by those who loved her.

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Who hurt this girl. This was a lovely playlist, I adore Skyrim characters and it made me very curious about her, she seems like an interesting character!

@Emma Cate Oh, thank you kindly! It's still not finished entirely but I'm so happy you like it!! She was wife of Vilkas, pretty early in the game, when she found out he went behind her back with Ysolde, who was carrying his children ((twins, yay!!)). So she leaves/divorces him ((with the blessing of Mara)) and travels to find herself, and almost dies in Sovngarde :) Later, she's there when Ulfric is pronounced High King with another OC character as his wife~ Ellie is pretty plain, but thank you sooo much!!!