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'MSX notes' (Classic Games Soundtracks!)


Hi, I'm an MSX enthusiast.I remember those games soundtracks 'cause their part in my early life as a little geek child #^.^# ..The MSX, beside the YM2149 sound chip itself, is not that popular are some of my favourite tunes from that era.I have tried to restore the original sounds to make it easier to listen, trying some patchwork within different loops(stages, titles music ecc)and pan/expanding their mono output sound(just a little bit)If you were into it, you will enjoy this stuff ^_^

8 tracks
3 comments on 'MSX notes' (Classic Games Soundtracks!) will not find over the web such complete chiptunes collection like C64 SIDs or NES's NFS for the MSX platform! Instead, relax and enjoy this little selection, better than nothing! :-)

I have to thank the guy behind the Yaware project, since he's software player was quite usefull to rip some really hard-to-rip loops from the emulator, due to my decision to avoid any SFX overlap!