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Food for Thought


A mix of contemplative songs that tweak the imagination and are perfect for a rainy day, a cloudy afternoon, or a stroll through the moonlight.

85 tracks
7 comments on Food for Thought

Who is the Sia? and why is it soooo awesome!!! thanks for the upload. blew my mind with some of these songs. Im going to definitely have some of these on my next list. you might like this playlist i put together. Got some chill stuff like this

I was feeling down and wished for an upbeat playlist. I felt like I couldn't continue writing in my present mood. I played one playlist, skipped it, then another, then I found this one. I love Sia so paused, and it calmed me. Thank you very much. The mix has both good songs and artists. You have helped me get back to work in a calmer mood.

this mix is really inspiring, and that's what I needed now as I'm trying to draw animal cards for children and that... needs inspiration :-) Thnx