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A Slice of Old School Hip-Hop: 1994


1994, the pinnacle of the Hip-Hop genre in my opinion. There were some real heavyweight albums that year; Illmatic, Ready To Die. This mix finishes with one of the most influential Hip-Hop tracks of all time, a bittersweet ode to hip-hop & how the genre was losing it's way from it's bearing roots. A path I don't feel it has ever recovered from.

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39 tracks
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Best old school mixes! Would be really cool to see more years 96, 97 etc.. The period after the golden age still has a lot to offer if nicely selected.

Thanks for the compliment. I do intend to do a 96, 97 mix to be honest. Just kinda lost track of time for a bit, got into other stuff, etc. I'll look to do one soon.

You put in some work for this one......Well Done !! You are now "The Man" when it comes to old school hip hop mixes. Looking forward to 95.

Cheers mate, they've been a labour of love for sure. I've enjoyed compiling them and remembering some tracks I had forgotten. Not sure how many more mixes are in this, I'm kinda reaching the end of the old-school era now. I'll probably go up to 96, then see how we do. Thanks for your kind comments, it means a lot. :)