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(ital) questa sera non verrai // (рус) этим вечером ты не придешь // (eng) this evening you will not come

russian, italian and american song for au!where napoleon is dying in illya's hands and illya can do nothing with that

can you just imagine this /definitely russian/ way how illya get drunk with (well maybe terrible) russian love songs playing in the background
// art from

(ital) uno mi ha detto che lontano dagli occhi, lontano dal cuore, e tu sei lontano, lontano da me // (рус) кто-то сказал мне: «с глаз долой – из сердца вон», и ты далеко, далеко от меня // (eng) someone told me that far from the eyes far from the heart and you are far, you are far from me

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