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happy enough to puke / sad enough to puke



you know the feeling when you're really giddy and excited, and then you realize that you're too giddy, too excited, slightly nauseous, kind of having trouble keeping track of where you are.

or like

when you get so sad that you can't remember why you're sad, or how you ended up in bed, and you're slapping your own face for some reason but don't remember when that started.

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my favorite woman leads are laurie anderson, the fiery furnaces, marnie stern and sometimes tune yards! also xiu xiu has very fluid gendernessss in everythign adn like OH THERES A XIU XIU SINGLE CALLED DAPHNY HAVE YOU HEARD IT PERCHANCE (im so obnoxoius im sorry)

holy shit.

i'm... furious at the world, learning that you went through that. and relieved that you have friends willing to be vocal and honest on your behalf / in solidarity with you.

and yeah.

yeah im glad more peopel are coming out and being vocal but its still always fucking hard, anyway i um was that too intense?

no, thank you a lot for sharing all that. just... unexpected and woah.

i'm drifting off to sleep now. glad you're my friend, daphny. be well. <3

my best friend from high school just farted, she farts CONSTANTLY shes reading this on a huge tv as i type it on a little laptop. her backyard is HUGE. it could house every single person that i love that doesnt ahave a place and i asked her mom if i could just live in her backyard and her mom straight up said NO. why? WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

queer trailer park is still my five year plan, but i'm never sure about ittttttttt. i'm unsure that i'm suited to settling down anywhere ever.

its where i read doctor rat for the first time by william kotzwinkle and made me AWARE of what my consumption was doing to others

oh shit i forgot about tokyo police club! OH SHIT IS THAT TEH CAROUSEL IN VANCOUVER I RODE THAT CAROUSEL WHEN I WAS 11 IN THE RAIN WITH MY UNCLE ive been to vancouver once it was so nice