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Songs to help focus when you need to study. Includes some film scores and indie music. These all help me a lot when I need to concentrate.

16 tracks
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This is getting me through re-writing an entire 32 page report for my project in Phnom Penh that's due tomorrow whilst being ill from drinking disreputable water. It makes me feel much less homicidal, so thank you!

@darling-divine Oh my goodness I am so glad to help. Good luck!!! I really hope you finish and you feel better and you drink more reputable water and you kill no one and kick ass on that paper. <3

@Mckennaskye Haha thank you! I did do all of those things; so far, so good! Btw, I'm originally from Michigan- from Petoskey :) Ps- your Wes Anderson mix is brilliant too!