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part one of my divine comedy trio.

"there is no greater sorrow than to recall our times of joy in wretchedness." – inferno, dante alighieri

update: thank you so much to everyone who has made this playlist a platinum hit! i'm so thankful and fortunate to have amazing followers and listeners! i'm so pleased you liked this playlist as much as i do.

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This is actually hilarious, we just finished reading Dante's Inferno in my class! I was actually just released from it and we were discussing Purgatorio and Paradiso. During the conversation, my classmate said "We should find a Dante playlist". Well, lo and behold there is one, and it's incredible

@xerxes_fake Wow that's such a wonderful thing to hear, thank you so much for telling me! I hope it lived up to your expectations! : - )

These three mixes are the best I've heard in my entire life! I love the mood it sets and the inspiration it gives me without a doubt! X.