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part three of my divine comedy trio

"even as he who squints and strains to see the sun somewhat eclipsed and, as he tries to see, becomes sightless, just so did I in my attempt to watch the latest flame." – paradiso, dante alighieri

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As an italian student, the Divina has always been with me. In Italy, we study it for three years (one for the inferno, one for the purgatorio and the last one for the paradiso), and I am so in love with Dante's work! I would say I am obsessed ahah... It's so great, so much important... I really don't have words to describe it. And these three playlists of yours... are just as good. I know Dante would be proud, the songs you've chosen are a perfect representation of the three canticas. Love from Italy, keep being awesome (:

@Norahl'sjacket I honestly don't know how to respond to this message in a way that it deserves. Thank you so much! I'm so blessed to have amazing followers such as you and others, so thank you for being such wonderful people! I'm so honored for an Italian who has studied these works so closely to bless me with such a kind message. Thank you again, and please have a lovely day!

I've spent my entire eight hour work shift working through your Dante trio. They're all incredibly magically, and Inferno helped my bust out a classics paper about the Civil War like it was my job. They are all so beautiful. Well done!

@lalexis Thank you so incredibly much! I'm so thankful for the kind words this community has said about these playlists. I'm so pleased that they aided you in your paper and work shift! Thank you again!

In fact' this playlist is a piece of art and help me a lot to stay concentrated on my essay late at night while being calm. Thank you.

@anne-ma96 Wow thank you so so much! I'm glad it helped you out, and good luck with your essay! @L|L|/\N Good luck with your essay, and thank you for listening!