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part two of my divine comedy trio.

"my son, here may indeed be torment, but not death." – purgatorio, dante alighieri

update: thank you so much for getting this playlist to 1000+ likes! i'm so happy you all enjoy this playlist so much!

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I've listened to this playlist so many times over the last couple of semesters in school. One of my all time favorites found on 8tracks :) The entire series is wonderful.

It won't allow me to credit the link of my work. I posted it on archiveofourown. My username is StarkWhiteSilence and the work is called Wait!

@StarkWhiteSilence I read it, and I really liked it! I'm not part of the fandom you wrote for, but I really enjoyed the writing. And I saw where you put the playlist at the bottom of the work, and that's totally fine! Thank you!

I am currently writing a sad piece of short work to this playlist and I was wonder if I could tag/credit your playlist when I publish it? I will give you full credit for the playlist of course.

@StarkWhiteSilence That would be wonderful! Thank you so so much for asking me. I would love for you to send me a link to your short story when you're finished with it! (For future reference, if anyone ever wants to do something similar with a playlist of mine, you most certainly can! Just make sure to credit me and send me a link when it's finished!)