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writing - vol. III

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Such a great playlist, this is. I was instantly gripped by this wonderfully organized mix. It completely invoked all my emotions as an author, both good and bad. It takes good music to do that. So this mix has done well by offering a great supply of that. Stay Sentient, deanwinchster

@Infinite Sentience This message literally made my day. Thank you so much for your kind words! It's messages like this that keep me making playlists. Good luck in whatever you are writing <3

@nowherekid Thank you so much! I was really hoping that a mix of instrumentals and vocals wouldn't be too drastic, so I tried to pick epic songs that had a sort of mellow tone? I don't know, I'm just really happy you liked it, and what I wanted to happen, happened!

Nice mix, but I would like that people would not put the 'instrumental' tag in a playlist's tags when there are vocals in the mix.

@Joost_dingemans Thank you. This playlist is mostly made of instrumentals, and it does say in the description there are a few regular songs in there, so I think it's pretty clear there are vocal songs. If people don't want playlists with vocals, you can easily see mine has vocals and you don't have to play it.