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to hagsmire?


Hoole looked at her oddly. There /was/ something strange about this owl. Her intensity almost unnerved him, yet she was fascinating. She stirred in him something vaguely familiar. A confusion of feeling. It suddenly dawned on Hoole. 'She's not unlike the ember.'
"Are you alright, Your Majesty? Is something wrong?" Lutta asked.
" No, no, I'm fine. And you say there are enough weapons for the rest in your squad?"
"Yes, of course... and Hoole..."
"Yes, Emerilla?"
Her gaze had softened and she seemed to be looking far off, almost as if she was in a trance.
"Emerilla, what is it? Did you have something more you wanted to say?"
Lutta shook her head rapidly, almost violently. "Oh nothing, Your Majesty, nothing at all."

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