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i love u sm sm this whole mix made me think of a day where i could see ur face irl and be there for u when yr struggling , I want 2 always b there for u if i could run over 2 yr place n just yknow hug for hours until u feel ready 2 let go. n like, any1 who made u feel bad, or hurt u i could tell them how wrong n shit they r because u deserve so much good n happyiness i wodul fight 2 th death for u to have that, id love 2 like, jsut be lil shits n have fun that ive never had w anyone before like goin out in the middle of the night 2 sit on rooftops n eat shitty junk food, n play w yr hair and PLAY VIDEO games together. MERRY CHRISTMAS IM SO GBLESSED TO HAVE U IN MY LFIE GUTS I LOVE U SM