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A playlist of some chill, sweet sounding songs that I used to study to during my exam period (but really I was making moon eyes at the cute boy in the library who always sat two rows down from me)

Also if anybody ever wants to trade study tips please let me know because i'm always down to expand my studying horizons.

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Studying tips! I always read stuff out loud to myself! Writing stuff a lot really helps me remember, and so do flash cards. Try Quizlet if you haven't already cuz you can play games and stuff with definitions. I also have a glass door closet in my dorm so I have a dry erase marker I write on it with. So I'll write like equations or definitions or maps that are giving me trouble , so everytime i see it I read over it. Even if you don't think it's helping, it's still getting in your memory so when you sit down to actually study you can recall stuff! Good luck with everything!